Alaska Faq’s

Among the many components of Auto Transport, that we specialize in at Great American Auto Transport is Alaska Vehicle Shipping. Every one of our Alaska deliveries normally moved in between Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington on a watercraft. The only various other port in the United States that you could possibly relocate your car out of is in California. If you prefer to have your vehicle transferred from the California port, we at Great American Auto Transport would certainly rejoice to arrange this.

As soon as you have actually chosen your port, we at Great American Auto Transport could pick up your automobile for Transport anywhere that you would certainly like and supply it to the port. As soon as at the port of your choice, your car will certainly fill on a payload, ship and transferred to one of three ports in Alaska. These three ports are located in Anchorage, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor. As soon as your vehicle reaches the port closest to your destination, we could Transporters your vehicle to its destination for you or you could pick it up on your own.

Please understand that the Alaska Auto Transport lines do have particular times for pickup and distribution at the ports in Washington or Alaska. If you show up to go down off your vehicle too early to the port or show up late to get your vehicle from the port you might accumulate fees. To take the tension of making it to port on time, our company offer to deliver your vehicle to port punctually and pickup your vehicle from port promptly. This will guarantee that no unneeded charges will result. When you choose Great American Auto Transport for your Auto Transportation to or from Alaska, you can ensure that you will take care of in every action of your Auto Transport.

Also, kindly understand that the Transporter of your vehicle could do without positioning your car on a ship for Auto Transport. The reason that we at Great American Auto Transport usage ships to Transportation your vehicle to or from Alaska as opposed to driving via Canada is to ensure that we can avoid lengthy customized checks when getting in and leaving Canada. This conserves you, our valued client, money and time. If you would rather your vehicle be delivered by car hauler with Canada to Alaska this could be arranged. Just fill in our quote form or offer us a telephone call.

By picking Great American Auto Transport to Transport your vehicle, you can guaranteed that the Transporters of your vehicle will be protected and protected. At Great American Auto Transport, we have state of the art technology to enable the monitoring and approximated shipping time of your vehicle. We ensure that your Vehicle shipping to or from Alaska will be secure. We have years of encounter with Auto Transport to and from Alaska. With Great American Auto Transport, there is absolutely nothing to stress over. The Auto Transportation of your vehicle is safe.

Should I wash my vehicle before Transport to or from Alaska?

Before you Transporters your vehicle to or from Alaska please insure that your vehicle is washed. The vehicle must be clean enough for a suitable inspection to determine any preexisting damage before Auto Transport.

What if my vehicle is not in good operating condition?

All vehicle should be in safe operating condition including brakes, steering, tires, etc. Unless otherwise noted before Transporter. Great American Auto Transport must authorize any abnormalities. The transport of vehicles not in good working order is not impossible, but we must know about any and all oddities so that we can make sure that the transport of your vehicle to or from Alaska will be safe and secure.

Do i need to provide keys for Great American Auto Transport?

Before Vehicle Shipping, remember to provide a copy of your keys to the driver upon pickup or delivery to port in Alaska. Please make sure that this copy does in fact work and make sure that you keep the original set.

Waht paperwork does Great American Auto Transport need for the vehicle?

Great American Auto Transport will need original copies of your registration, title, and any other notarized documents pertaining to the Transporter of the vehicle. For example, if your vehicle happens to be under a loan or a lease from your finance company. You will need a notarized document allowing permission to Transportation to or from Alaska.

What if i do not own my vehicle?

Also, before Auto Transport, if you are not the owner of the vehicle make sure that you have appropriate paperwork. This would include notarized letters of authorization. For example, if the vehicle is co-owned, both registered owners must sign the consent form to transport to or from Alaska.

What do i need upon pickup?

Another thing to remember when Transport your vehicle, is that when picking up your vehicle, you must have proper identification.

What about electronic divices?

At Great American Auto Transport we require that you disconnect any and all battery powered devices before Auto Transportation. This way the battery will not run down during transit.

What about ground clearance?

Ground clearance is the amount of space between the ground and the lowest point on the vehicle. All vehicles must have at least six inches of ground clearance in order to be shipped safely during Auto Transport to or from Alaska.

How long does it take to ship my car?

Delivery of your vehicle will take anywhere from the same day to 14 days. All cars are being loaded either on a car carrier or a truck along with other cars. Below are some basic ideas to help you along the way. All shipping times are estimated and should not be considered as guarantees. Auto Transport From Alaska: Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Anchorage – approx. 7-10 days Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Dutch Harbor – approx. 9-12 days Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Fairbanks – approx. 10-14 days Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Kodiak – approx. 9-11 days Auto Transport To Alaska: Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Anchorage – approx. 7-10 days Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Dutch Harbor – approx. 9-12 days Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Fairbanks – approx. 5-7 days Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Kodiak – approx. 5-7 days